Saturday, December 26, 2009

Music goes out of my life- World Space India closing down.

I receieved the saddest email of my life just now. A very polite email from Worldspace Inc. informs me that Worldspace Inc, has gone bankrupt and is winding up its Indian Subsidy from 31.12.09. That means no more 24 hour streaming music for me. We ( me and my better half) have been Worldspace addicts since its launch in India some five years back. My Worldspace receiver has hardly been off during this time. Not only the day,its music has been playing softly in my room even at night. A real 24 X 7 situation. Many a night, returning from a deep midnight call, when sleep eluded me, I have found solace in Rafi, Talat, Kishoreda, Latadi and the other legendary singers courtesy  Radio Farishta of Worldspace. Not only Farishta, cannels like Tara, Sonar, Jhankaar, Falak and the various Western music channels have provided endless entertainment and been  constant companions. All this will be gone in just five days, And there is nothing I can do about it. And I am feeling bad for all executives and RJs involved who will lose their jobs. Now I know what helplessness is. A bit like the feeling when a patient of mine does not respond to any medicine/procedure. And the year is not ending on a happy note. First, Rediff iLand goes into the great unknown and now Worldspace is ready to follow suit. And all I can do is sigh and curse the American recession which has affected me at last.

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