Thursday, April 7, 2011

India against corruption- a common man's perspective

 The present fast to death for the implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill By Anna Hazare and the gradual flocking of enlightened citizens around him under the banner of India Against Corruption has triggered these thoughts, rather , a train of thoughts in my mind.
It is very good that at last someone is protesting against corruption. But is it a matter of too late, too less?  Will the institution of another watchdog, albeit with more teeth, solve the disease of corruption which has assumed epidemic proportions in our country? I rarely see honest Indians around nowadays. We travel in trains and buy half tickets for our above 12 children (asking them to tell TT uncle that they are eleven and a half when he comes.) We pay bribes for as mundane things as getting a birth certificate, ration card or a passport.  We don’t mind paying a little extra even for the smallest of our requirements (Suvidha shulk, it is called in Hindi). The so called noble professions like Teaching and Medicine have succumbed to the lure of the lucre. There is nothing called an honest or an upright politician in our country. The previously incorruptible branches of the system like the defence forces and the judiciary have become tainted. (The instance are too numerous to enumerate). Nothing and I mean nothing is sacrosanct, including conduct of entrance exams to premier institutions of the country. All the regulatory authorities need to be regulated. Now, will simplistic measures like institution of Jan Lokpal solve the problems facing our country?  And what about the huge economy of Black money that flourishes in our country, primarily sourced from corruption?
Vexing questions indeed and the answers prove to be elusive as usual. But then how do we explain the huge and spontaneous outpouring of support for the venerable Anna Hazare? Simple! However corrupt this nation has become, people have started to chafe under the yoke of this unending, blatant, all prevalent and unashamed corruption. They see the beginning of the end of hydra headed monster of corruption in Anna’s courageous fight. Maybe, one Jan Lokpal Bill will not solve all problems and like CVC and CEC, it will bend itself to the system. But at last, someone is protesting! Come on, my friends, let us wake up. Let us take inspiration from the clarion call-
Let us dream of a better India, a corruption free India, and a new India.  There are so many of us. And if all put our hands together and push, I am sure that something will give. So join the protest, blog, tweet, use social netwoks but do something.
Jai Hind


  1. Thanks fr the support Dr. Saab. I hav myself been fasting with Anna fr last two days and from today onwards will do volunteer work.

  2. exactly ARISE,AWAKE N STOP NOT till the goal is it possible to do smthng against these cunning crocodiles(politicians)?

  3. small beginnings lead to greater things;with people like justice kapadia,RTI activist arvind kejriwal n now anna sahib,our goal of a corruption free society now seems achievable.....

  4. Consider a Situation where a vegetable vendor puts up a roadside shop and is forced to pay 500Rs a day to the police incharge. This 500 rs is not a cost to the vendor, but is directly transalated as a cost to the people buying vegetables. Just take this example and extrapolate it to a situation where builders or big businesses are asked to pay billions for licences etc. All these costs have a direct bearing on the people who buy the end product.