Sunday, April 3, 2011

The unfulfilled promise...........

Now there was this kingfisher girl
Who had the country all in a whirl.
By promising to strut her stuff
And running around in the buff
If on the field our team did swirl.

Hey Poonam, this ain't fair,
Your assets you did not bare
We all think it is pretty mean
That you were nowhere to be seen.
And vanished after losing the dare.

The kingfisher  gal is pretty cool
First, she make the nation drool.
In anticipation, we moan and sigh
She vanishes without even a bye
While gleefully shouting APRIL FOOL


  1. After giving us so much lip,
    Finally Punnu is gonna strip,
    And those in the know
    Are ready for the show
    To Paris they are planning a trip.

  2. Pooman Pandey thought she was hot.
    But she lost her number one spot.
    In less than a weeks time
    IPL left her far behind
    Quoth she "Public memory is so short"