Friday, April 8, 2011

A wake up call

The battle lines are drawn. And the stand-off continues.  Anna does not seem to be a mood to relent. And the government continues to be magnificently unaware, reveling in an ostrich like attitude. Meanwhile, people from all walks of life continue to gravitate towards India Against Corruption, jolted out of the feeling of hopelessness, helplessness and stupor.
The media (both print and 24 hour news channels) have joined the battle, this time for a worthwhile cause.  The question is- Where do we go from here? What is going to happen now? I am no clairvoyant but this time I can sense the future happenings. So can every sensible person with a modicum of common sense. The only persons to be completely out of synch with reality seem to be the power drunk, bloated with their own sense of importance, ministers of Central Government.  They have gone to the extent of calling this Satyagraha coercive! So now the ideals of Gandhiji are coercive and against the tenants of democracy! Then please answer these questions!
 If this is undemocratic and coercive what was the freedom struggle?
And what is the difference between an imperial power/ dictatorship and a democratically elected government if they function in similar fashion?
If our politician- bureaucrat nexus is as honest as it claims to be, why is it scared of Jan Lokpal?
The Central Government is asking for more time. Time for what? Are they hoping that the protests will die off with time?
Why can’t the Prime Minister and the Chair-person of UPA intervene in the matter directly? Are they too big? Or they are still unable to understand the angst of the common citizen?
The citizens have woken up. It is high time the central government did. And please do not under- estimate the power of the ballot. If the government does not act now, the public will teach them a lesson in the next general election which is not all that far!

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  1. SURELY ..If anything happens to Anna Hazaare the public will teach these politician and government a lesson ..they are wrongly estimating the power of a common man..this time its a war!A WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION!