Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Boredom is a feeling / emotion/ expression/ impression/ sentiment/  mood peculiar to humans. We have phrases like midlife crisis/ quarter life crisis/ bored housewife/ its lonely at the top/ existentialist dilemma, all related to this peculiar emotion. And only humans get bored.  Plants, animals, spirits and even the Gods never get bored. Just imagine a tree getting bored (it well might if it was human, after all it remains rooted to the same spot year after year.) Or an amoeba getting bored of binary fission or a dog or a horse or a tiger saying, “Dude, it’s so boring! Nothing is happening in my life!”
Ever heard of a bored ghost?? Or the creator getting bored with this predictably crazy world?? No! The exclusive lease on the word boredom has been taken by humans. Not only that, we humans coined many words to describe the same feeling. Bored with boredom? Take your pick from tedium, monotony, dullness, ennui, worldly weariness and tediousness.
We are bored with success and failure, work and studies, love and hate, play and toil, penury and wealth, sobriety and intoxication; in fact, we get bored of every conceivable situation.  While this hunger for variety/ change in humans is responsible for every scientific and technological advance; this is also responsible for a major chunk of problems in an individual’s life.
And is there a solution to the vexing problem of monotony? I would say the answer lies with us. The solution is to have a positive attitude. The scepter of boredom can be taken head-on only if individuals try to live life being as creative and as productive as possible. This can be done if we work hard, play harder, develop hobbies, make good friends and treasure our family. What do you say?

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  1. absolutely,boredom is peculiar to us humans-
    mostly this state of mind,i.e.boredom is transient,only when it persists;it becomes a source of distress-strangely,to overcome this particular state of mind,we don't take recourse to god as we often do otherwise-so boredom has to be tackled within the mortal human domain......