Monday, July 9, 2012

Labyrinth- a book review

I ordered the book while browsing books on Flipkart as I was intrigued by its cover. It arrived within three days with the usual clinical efficiency of  Flipkart. And I read it in one sitting. I am a fan of short stories and a big supporter of free independent writing. The book did not disappoint me in any manner. An eclectic collection of short stories from a diverse group of relatively unknown names, the book comes as a whiff of fresh air. The tales are short and snappy, and they straddle a vast canvas from mythology to virtual reality. Some are so extra-ordinary that they leave you spellbound. Some are average but then, that is true for every anthology ( It is impossible to maintain a uniform standard / level of readability.)
The best of the lot? I am hard pressed to choose between Sym-World ( Aditi Chincholi), a stunning tale of virtual reality and The Martyr ( Mainak Dhar), the story of a teenage soldier set in war ravaged Afghanistan.  Farming on Facebook( Sushant Dharwadkar) and The night of the Wokambee ( Rishabh Chaturvedi) are  remarkable for the twists in the tail. Puppet Show( Aditi Chincholi), I’ll be back (Shawn Pereira), Mortified ( Jeevan Varma)Mists of Time ( Niharika Puri) and Travel Through the Night( Rishabh Chaturvedi) are other stories that I found intriguing.
Bagheera Log Huts did not make much sense to me. (Maybe I missed something there!)
But all said and done, this is a marvelous effort and a must read for all short story fans.
My rating  - 7/10
Recommendation - Go for it!
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  1. ooh yes it definately is a good is covering it too in a big way considering there are absolutely no star names, star authors star publishers etc involved in this..goes on to show that good quality content speaks for itself..three cheers to creativity...

    1. Yes Apurv, three cheers to creativity... And more power to such enterprises.