Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shades of Sin is now available

"Shades of Sin" is now available on APK website. Here is the link:

We have priced the book at Rs.195/- but it is available for Rs.150/- on the website.

If this is the only book that buyers buy, then they will have to pay Rs.30/- for shipping, since they do that if the order value is less than Rs.200/-. (For flipkart and other online book stores, the threshold is Rs.500/-.) That brings the price of 1 copy of Shades of Sin to Rs.180/-.

So, in order to sweeten the deal for buyers, APK has created 2 combo packs:
Combo 1: Shades of Sin + Cocktail (MRP Rs.150/-, their bestselling short story collection)

Combo2: Shades of Sin + Stories from the Heart of a Dreamer (MRP Rs.175/-, short story collection by Armaan Farid - a 21-year-old Hyderabad based writer who started writing the book when he was only 18 years old - which was appreciated by all and did very well)

APK has priced both the combos at Rs.250/-. So for an additional Rs.70/-, buyers will get another book. ( No courier charge as well)

Note: APK supplies books abroad as well. The price remains the same but there is an additional Postage charge ( as per actual charges) So all my friends living abroad may order it.

For those who do not believe in / are uncomfortable with online transactions, there is a simple solution. Please send a Multi-city cheque/ Demand Draft of the required amount made to 'APK Publishers' payable at Pune, at the following address along-with your order.

APK Publishers
5/301, Ved Vihar, Chandni Chowk
Paud Road, Pune-411038

For Die-hard Flipkart fans, here is the flipkart link

In case you are a kindle fan and prefer eBooks 

click here for the Amazon link

Please  forward this post to your family/friends/acquaintances. Once about a million copies have sold, I can sit on my backside and not work for the rest of my life  :-))

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