Thursday, October 29, 2009

My India


The folks are nice, the leaders rough,
For all of us Indians, Life is tough.
But after living here a while
We take it all with a smile
To survive, a sense of Humor is enough.


Poor infrastructure and stinking drains,
An economy still dependent on rains.
Crooks are the bosses
Life, a sum of losses
And now Maoists have started hijacking trains.


Next to slums, there are many a high-rise,
The people work and leaders take the prize.
While you rough it out
Without a question or doubt
Criminals and politicians live life king size.


Will this match result in a win or loss?
And when will Dhoni win the toss?
Who give a damn for health-care
We just want to sit and stare
At TV and watch Bigg Boss

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