Friday, October 16, 2009

Contemporary Limericks

Most unusual case, said the nurse with a frown,

This patients Blood Pressure moves up and down.

The Doc came and said

With a shake of his head

It moves with the SENSEX, you clown.

For high tech gadgets, it’s a mad mad charge

Live life king-size, live life large….

Its both sad and funny

In lieu of food or money

Even the beggers want a mobile recharge.

Akshaya, the actor of many a hue,

Was asked what else he would like to do?

He said I have fulfilled my passion

And achieved my secret ambition

Of acting in a film that was 'BLUE'.

The Nobel peace prize for Obama,

Is a stunt and political drama.

If it goes downhill at this rate

On some future date...........

They might as well give it to Osama

That’s what cricket is all about,
Indians may well sulk and pout,
After a day of top ranking,
Pakistanis gave us a spanking.
They lost to Aussies and we were out.
There was this guy called Dhoni,
From Cricket he made a lot of money.
He thought he was fearless
But he got a bit careless
And all fans are crying over the ‘Anhoni’.
It’s a tale all old timers tell,
Be humble when you play well.
Even the mightiest batsmen fall,
The moment they stop looking at the ball.
And most of the fans will give you hell.

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