Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flash fiction- yet more 55 word stories

 Eye witness
The one room chawl accommodated the entire family of seven. The newly wedded couple could not stay away from each other for long and sneaked away for a tryst. As they made out on the terrace, oblivious to the discomfort and the cold, the lone cat blinked at them, a mute witness to their passion.

Murder, she thought. Sprayed almost the entire contents of the insecticide and went to sleep, confident that the vermin would be exterminated by the morning. But a nasty surprise awaited her. When she woke -up early next morning, her kitchen was overrun by cockroaches as usual. Spray had not worked. Time to phone pest-control, she decided.

It was their tenth marriage anniversary and he had forgotten about it. After waiting the whole day for some kind of acknowledgment, his wife gave him hell and they ended up fighting bitterly as usual. He could not sleep; and while tossing and turning, he wondered whether their marriage was an event or an accident.

The frail old lady stared blankly.
 “Do you remember the day I got my medical degree! You were so happy.” Her daughter said with a cheer she did not feel in her heart. In fact the only thing she felt was a deep dread as she recognized the relentless progress of symptoms of Alziemer’s disease.

The mobiles started ringing at midnight as the rumors about the imminent flood spread throughout the city. By four in the morning, the entire city was awake and on the roofs, prepared for the sudden deluge. But the river waters never rose and Yamuna flowed serenely, as if laughing at the phenomena of mass hysteria.

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