Thursday, October 27, 2011

More flash fiction-55 word stories

The monitor suddenly stopped beeping almost causing his heart to stop. The surgeon, intent on his work, didn’t even notice. The anesthetist placed his hands on the patient pulse and found it steady. He realised that the power supply to the monitor had failed and the patient was fine. His own heartbeat returned to normal.

The new teacher would be his next victim, he decided. After all, he was the terror of the school.  He waited for her to enter the class, ready for the confrontation. The lady entered the class, looking like a frightened doe. One look at her eyes, and he was struck dumb. He was in love.

The broker counted the money, stashed it away and smiled. “Don’t worry, sir. Your son’s admission to medical college is assured. Just ask him to leave at least eighty percent of the answer sheet blank.” He had been upright all his life but had to compromise with his principles for the sake of his progeny.

He sat alone in his flat, nursing his beer which had gone flat a long time back. He wondered if he had been a little more understanding and a little less egoistical, Reena would still be with him. “Come back into my life, Reena. I am sorry.” He wished that life had a resume button.

He paled as he perused the ultrasound report. His wife was carrying triplets this time. The twins had just turned four and it was the right time for an addition to the family, they had thought. “We wanted one more, but God decided to send us triplets?!!” He thought. “Now we are in serious trouble.”


The attractive girl was dressed to kill. She needed to, as  one of the highest paid call girls of the city, she had certain obligations to her clients.After all, looks were everything!
The bell rang and she opened the door, expecting another 'dirty old man.'
She was shocked to see her dad standing there.


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