Sunday, April 1, 2012


Addiction! The word had negative social connotations. If you tell the average person that YOU ARE AN ADDICT, he or she will protest vehemently and do his/her best to make you feel that you have indulged in the character assassination of the worst kind. Yet it is true! Each one of you who is reading this is an addict. So am I. So are my wife and my kids. My parents, thankfully, are spared of this malady. Yes, we are all internet addicts! And then there are further sub-types of this addiction. Facebook addiction, Twitter addiction, Blog addiction, Youtube addiction; the list is endless. And then some of us are addicted to salacious photographs of Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leon, but that is understandable, is it not!
The internet service interrupted for a few hours sends us all into a tizzy. We repeatedly check our modems, the telephone line and the sundry paraphernalia associated with out laptops. We yearn for our daily fix of internet browsing, become anxious, irritable, apprehensive and show the classic withdrawal symptoms. If the broadband is still out we’ll use our phones or consider visiting the neighboring cybercaf√©; in fact anything to get our daily fix of social networks.  We almost behave like our lives and livelihoods are dependent on the likes and comment our inane status updates or useless photographs we paste on Twitter, Face book and other sundry networks attract.
Are we all mentally sick? Do we seriously need to turn towards THE REAL WORLD and GET A LIFE? Food for thought! *

*Then there is mobile addiction and TV addiction, but we’ll talk about them some other day. Right now, I need to check how many like and comments my last STATUS UPDATE  has garnered. 


  1. lol, Im a self confessed addict too!!

  2. This is surely one form of addiction that is perfectly legal and challenges you to better your own self! :)

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  4. We wouldn't be reading your post if we weren't addicts of the internet :)
    Interesting post.

    I am at

  5. I am an addict too...:(:(:( and I so hate addiction.

  6. some addictions are good addictions too. and internet addiction is one of them.. Others may be.. Tea..A good book..Fitness...and photography...
    List may be longer...